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Alessandra Pacini ale.a.pacini at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 08:21:43 MST 2018

Dear CEDAR friends,

I'm proud to present  a new Space Science youth Education and Outreach
initiative called *Girls InSpace*, that spans a collection of four books
written by me, a Brazilian (still young) Space Scientist and member of
CEDAR community. Each story brings to life female protagonists as it
illustrates fascinating space science concepts.

On Feb 11th, the International  Day of women and girls in Science, a
Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund the illustrations and translations
of the 4 Portuguese stories targeted at 9-13 year old girls (just as the
gender gap in STEM is solidifying) into English, Spanish, French and Arabic
(since the main goal of the Project is reach out kids from American and
African countries).

Please, take a look on our Kickstarter page and spread the word: everyday
is a good day to fight for Gender Equality in Science. Please, support *Girls
InSpace* and help girls become future female scientists by giving them
resources early in life with relatable role models!



Alessandra Abe Pacini

(Space Weather Physicist at the APL/JHU, Visiting scientist at the Arecibo
Observatory, PhD^2, mom^2).

*Alessandra Abe Pacini, PhD^2*
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