CEDAR email: CEDAR 2017 session: Geospace science in the digital age

Asti Bhatt asti.bhatt at sri.com
Sat Jun 17 16:58:05 MDT 2017

Dear All,

We would like to invite you to the CEDAR 2017 Monday afternoon 
(1:30-3:30pm) session 'Geospace science in the digital age 
in Torreys I & II. The goal of this session is to take forward the 
conversation on data and software practices for better scientific 
outcomes within the geospace community. This includes creating new 
community resources, learning to be better stewards of data and 
software, and leveraging data and citizen science practices from other 

The agenda is as follows:

1:30-2:00     Q & A on Geoscience paper of the future (Yolanda Gil)
- Following up on the tutorial on Monday morning, Yolanda will answer 
more in-depth questions about best practices for data and software 
stewardship in CEDAR community

2:00-2:10     Embracing data science in heliophysics (Ryan McGranahan)
- Approaches to accomplish system-level geospace science

2:10-2:25     HamSci: The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation 
(Nathaniel Frissell)
- What is HamSCI? Current techniques for gathering and analyzing data 
from the amateur radio community and How we are applying this to the 
2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

2:25-2:35     Red Pitaya as an Ionospheric Sounder (Michael Hirsch)
- Open source hardware and software for ionospheric applications

Second hour will focus on community software resources followed by open 

2:35-2:45     DavitPy notebooks - (Ashton Reimer)
- SuperDARN's data access interface and Jupyter notebook way of writing 
tutorials and other documentation practices

2:45-3:00     AMIEpy (Liam Kilcommons, Tomoko Matsuo)
- Openly accessible version of Assimilative Mapping of Ionospheric 
Electrodynamics model

3:00-3:10     Integrated Geoscience Observatory (Todd Valentic, Asti Bhatt)
- A new community resource based on JupyterHub  that allows users to 
discover and collect data from different ionospheric data sources (e.g. 
SuperDARN, All-sky imagers) and analyze/visualize it along with running 

3:10-3:30     Open discussion on vision for improving geospace science 
in digital age

We look forward to a lively discussion!

Thank you,
Session conveners: Asti Bhatt, Ethan Miller, Todd Valentic, Nathaniel 
Frissell, Tomoko Matsuo, Elizabeth MacDonald


Asti Bhatt
Center for Geospace Studies
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone # +1-650-859-3424

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