CEDAR email: Faculty Position in Electrical and Computer Engineering (deadline June 28)

Brett Isham brettisham1 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 11:20:09 MDT 2017

Faculty Position in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Interamerican University of Puerto Rico 
(application deadline Wednesday June 28)

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, located on the Bayamon Campus near San Juan, has an opening for a tenure-track faculty position in Electrical Engineering.  

Required qualifications are a PhD; demonstrated ability to teach undergraduate and master-level courses in electrical engineering and perhaps also in computer engineering; research experience; and proficiency in spoken English or Spanish.   Teaching ability can be demonstrated for example by having one or more degrees in, or having taken courses in, or by having experience in, electrical engineering.  More generally, teaching experience at the university level, and an interest in undergraduate teaching and in new and innovative teaching strategies, would be a plus.  Release time in available for developing an externally-funded research program.  

Applications must include: 
- CV
- copies of university transcripts (unofficial is fine) 
- completed Interamerican University employment application form

Also suggested are:  
- one-page cover letter
- brief statement of teaching experience, philosophy, and goals
- brief statement of research interests, experience, and goals
- copies of up to five selected publications
- contact information for three professional references 

Applications must be received in hard copy by mail or in person at: 

Office of Human Resources  
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus
500 Carr Dr John W Harris 
Bayamon, PR 00957-6257, USA

The deadline for receipt of applications is June 28, 2017.  The vacancy was unexpected and there is interest in filling the position by August, but the starting date is negotiable.  No matter when mailed, overnight delivery is suggested.  

To obtain a copy of the employment application form, and for any questions, please contact Prof. Brett Isham at bisham at bayamon.inter.edu.  

All qualified persons are welcome to apply.  Interamerican University of Puerto Rico supports equal opportunity in employment and encourages applications from women, veterans, and people with disabilities (M/F/V/H).  

Brett Isham
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus
bisham at bayamon.inter.edu, +1-787-685-5223
<http://bayamon.inter.edu> <https://www.google.com/maps?q=18.3492,-66.1830>

Information about Interamerican University and Puerto Rico

Interamerican University of Puerto Rico is the largest private university in Puerto Rico, with nine campuses, professional programs in optometry and law, and a total student population of about 50,000.  Interamerican's Bayamon campus, with about 5,000 students, is primarily an undergraduate institution.  Recently, however, the Department of Mechanical Engineering began an MSME program with an emphasis in aerospace engineering, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is beginning an MSEE program during the coming academic year.  Bayamon campus programs also include the Interamerican University School of Aeronautics, located at Isla Grande airport in San Juan.  An engineering program on the Interamerican Aguadilla campus in northwestern Puerto Rico, to be operated by the Bayamon campus, is being developed.

The Bayamon campus has active research programs in aerosols in the atmospheric boundary layer, ionospheric physics including active radiowave modification of the ionosphere, and in the development of radio instrumentation for atmospheric and space research.  

The NSF Arecibo Observatory is a 90-minute drive from the Interamerican Bayamon campus; the NOAA VIPIR HF radar, located at the USGS San Juan Observatory, is a 60-minute drive; and the Bayamon campus is in the process of building an HF radio research imaging array in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  In addition, the Puerto Rico Photonics Institute is a 50-minute drive from campus, and an optical laboratory is available on campus at the Interamerican School of Optometry. 

The Bayamon campus is also the lead institution in the development and construction of the Puerto Rico CubeSat, which incorporates an ion wave instrument built by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and an MF/HF radio instrument built by Mälardalen University in Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics and the Interamerican Bayamon campus.  

Puerto Rico is a tropical and culturally diverse Hispanic Caribbean island and a territory of the United States, located between the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the south, the Virgin Islands to the east, and the Dominican Republic to the west. The Bayamon campus is 30 minutes south of historic Old San Juan, at the northern edge of the scenic and mountainous interior.  There are excellent schools (pre-K to 12) nearby.  The local language is Spanish, and English is widely spoken both as a first and second language.


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