CEDAR email: Call for Papers: 2017 URSI National Radio Science Meeting Commission G special session: "New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing"

Phil Erickson pje at haystack.mit.edu
Tue Sep 13 14:55:32 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

  We would like to draw your attention to the following announcement:

CALL FOR PAPERS:  2017 URSI National Radio Science Meeting
January 4-6, 2017
Commission G special session: "New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio
Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing"
    Phil Erickson (G) (pje at haystack.mit.edu)
    Julio Urbina (G) (jvu1 at psu.edu)

This session will cover all aspects of measurement techniques for plasma
parameter determinations in the space environment.  Papers are solicited on
a broad range of subjects related to the use of radio waves for passive and
active remote sensing of geospace plasmas, including ground based and space
based platforms.  Appropriate topics include experimental and data analysis
developments and novel techniques involving inversion, imaging,
interferometry, optimal transmission waveforms, and related subjects.  We
especially encourage papers addressing those applications, concepts, and
architectures with transformative potential for remote sensing.

The DEADLINE for online submission of abstracts is SEPTEMBER 19, 2016.

General Information on the URSI meeting can be found at:

The organizers of this meeting require the use of electronic submissions.
If you have any questions on abstracts or the technical program, please
direct them to the USNC-URSI Secretary, Dr. Sembiam Rengarajan (
srengarajan at csun.edu). Abstracts must have a minimum of 250 words. More
information about USNC-URSI is available at

We strongly encourage you to have students submit abstracts and attend the
meeting. There is travel support available (up to $600) for students
presenting first author papers.  Students are also encouraged to enter the
student paper competition, which requires full-length papers and awards a
plenary session talk and cash prizes to the finalists.

Please feel free to distribute this note to your colleagues who may be
interested in presenting.

We look forward to seeing you in Boulder next January!

Best regards,

Phil Erickson, MIT Haystack Observatory
Julio Urbina, Pennsylvania State University

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