CEDAR email: USGS Mendenhall Opportunity: Earth electrical conductivity and magnetic-storm hazards.

Love, Jeffrey jlove at usgs.gov
Sat Mar 26 10:33:26 MDT 2016

USGS Mendenhall Fellowship:

The U.S. Geological Survey invites recent recipients of a Ph.D. degree to
apply for a Mendenhall post-doctoral fellowship opportunity 16-21: Earth
electrical conductivity and magnetic-storm hazards. Targeted research
topics include:

Development of time series, statistical, and/or machine-learning methods
and corresponding computer algorithms to troubleshoot, analyze, and model
geomagnetic and geoelectric monitoring data in a real-time operational

Development of time series and/or statistical models of historical magnetic
observatory data, especially for mapping storm-time, ground-level magnetic

Analysis of magnetotelluric survey data, such as those collected as part of
the EarthScope Program, to construct models of solid-Earth electrical
conductivity structure.

Collection and analysis of new magnetotelluric data, such as from the
northeast United States, that have not been adequately studied for
induction hazards.

The duty station is Golden, Colorado, located outside of Denver at the base
of the Rocky Mountains. Mendenhall Fellows are appointed to the USGS for
two years and receive full salary and benefits, including medical
insurance, at the GS-12, step 1 level. In 2015 the base annual salary for
such an appointment was $61,486 + a cost of living adjustment for the
Denver metropolitan area.

Areas of Ph.D.: Geophysics, space physics, physics, engineering, applied
mathematics, statistics, computer science, data science, or operations
research. Candidates holding a Ph.D. in other disciplines but with
knowledge and skills relevant to the Research Opportunity may also be

Note: Qualified U.S. Citizens will be given preference.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact one of the following
research advisors:

Jeffrey J. Love, (303) 273-8540, jlove at usgs.gov; Paul A. Bedrosian, (303)
236-4834, pbedrosian at usgs.gov; Anna Kelbert, (303) 273-8448,
akelbert at usgs.gov; E. Joshua Rigler, (303) 273-8607, erigler at usgs.gov;
Carol. A. Finn, (303) 273-8475, cafinn at usgs.gov

All application material (including transcripts and written proposal) must
be received by May 2, 2016.

Additional information concerning opportunity 16-21, Earth electrical
conductivity and magnetic-storm hazards, can be obtained at

Jeffrey J. Love

USGS Advisor for Geomagnetic Research


jlove at usgs.gov

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