CEDAR email: Inviting abstracts for 2016 Fall AGU Session: "Defining Extreme Space Weather Events”

Jonas, Seth sjonas at ida.org
Mon Jul 18 22:18:34 MDT 2016

On behalf of the conveners, I invite you to submit to the 2016 Fall AGU session: "Defining Extreme Space Weather Events."

The abstract submission deadline is August 3rd. This session is in the in Public Affairs section and therefore may not count against the standard First Author submission limit in the usual way. See below for the detailed description and more information.

PA012: Defining Extreme Space Weather Events
Session ID#: 13854
Section/Focus Group: Public Affairs
Session Description: 
Space weather events have the potential to adversely affect technological and infrastructure systems that millions depend on. Extreme events are often held to the "standard" of the 1859 Carrington-Hodgson event (arguably the most extreme space weather event in recorded history), and the likelihood that an event comparable in magnitude could reoccur. This session will discuss the current capability and research activities for predicting and understanding the effects of such events and the ability to adequately inform industry and policymakers of the risks posed. Questions addressed in this session include:
(1) What are the parameters that define an extreme event?
(2) What measurements are available that provide insight into extreme conditions?
(3) What systems are exposed and what conditions affect their performance?
(4) What is the capability to model extreme event conditions with respect to technological and infrastructure system?
(5) In what areas should new research and measurement capability be directed?
Co-Organized with:
Public Affairs, and SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics
    IN - Earth and Space Science Informatics, SA - SPA-Aeronomy, and SM - SPA-Magnetospheric Physics
More information can be found at:
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SM004: Assessing the National Space Weather Action Plan: Implications for Space Weather Research
PA037: The National Space Weather Action Plan: Five Benchmarks for Extreme Space Weather Events
Seth Jonas
Pete Riley
Thomas Immel
William Murtagh
Please note: 
This session is in the Public Affairs session and therefore may not count against the standard First Author submission limit: “First Authors can have a maximum of one (1) contributed and one (1) invited abstract, or two (2) invited abstracts. The only exemption to this policy is the submission of one (1) additional contributed abstract to an Education (ED) or Public Affairs (PA) session.”

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