CEDAR email: Fall AGU 2016 session: Multi-scale Space Weather Discoveries Enabled Through Networked Instrumentation

Asti Bhatt asti.bhatt at sri.com
Mon Jul 18 15:19:47 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the session focused on 
investigating space weather phenomena on multiple scales using networks 
of instruments. We invite presentations about results from existing 
networks of instrumentation, modeling needs for data on various scales 
that can be achieved using networks, and planned future networks to 
measure multi-scale geospace processes.

SA015. Multi-scale Space Weather Discoveries Enabled Through Networked 

*Session ID#: * 13435

          Session Description:

An outstanding challenge in the upper atmospheric research is specifying 
the state of the space-atmosphere interaction region in both time and 
space; a limitation manifest by level of variability that often rivals 
the value of the mean state. Investigating ionospheric storm response 
and plasma-neutral coupling processes over global, regional and local 
scales is challenging. We have made significant progress in addressing 
these challenges, but often at local scales. There is a need for 
multi-scale observations of various parameters simultaneously through 
innovative observational networks, in the form of distributed arrays of 

Such networks provide the insight and validation required to understand 
global-scale processes such as TIDs, energy transport during geomagnetic 
storms, coupling between atmospheric regions, with associated 
variability. We will discuss results from existing networks, science 
enabled from regional and global observations, new large-scale 
observational networks, and invite the modeling community to discuss 
required regional and global measurements required.

Conveners: Asti Bhatt, Elizabeth Kendall, Jorge Chau

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