CEDAR email: 2nd call for Portfolio Review survey

John D. Sahr jdsahr at uw.edu
Thu Jul 14 14:27:47 MDT 2016

Dear CEDAR Community:

I've created a small survey through which you could offer an opinion about
the Portfolio Review


that was released this Spring, and discussed at CEDAR 2016 in Santa Fe.

The survey can be engaged at the following link:


*So far there have been 30 interesting responses (thank you!) but I'd like *

*to get that up to 50-60.*
The NAS/NRC is soliciting feedback from stakeholders; I'd like to offer you
this simple opportunity to provide feedback to three (simple) questions.
There is also a means for you to provide additional commentary.

The NRC is seeking informal feedback by 18 July (sooner than I expected),
so your prompt response would be gratefully received.

Your comments are anonymous (the survey does not collect identifying
information from you).


John D Sahr, Professor, Electrical Engineering - University of Washington
206 685 1793    jdsahr at uw.edu
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