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Open Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Job Description
SRI's Center for GeoSpace Studies focuses on studies of the fundamental processes governing the nature of the upper atmosphere and space environment. The Center's research involves scientific instrumentation including incoherent scatter radar (ISR), satellite, optical and radio wave instruments. The Center conducts basic physics research in the ionosphere/magnetosphere, middle atmosphere/lower thermosphere, and stratosphere/troposphere.

The Center for GeoSpace Studies is currently seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow with a PhD in electrical engineering or physics. The Posdoctoral Fellow will be required to conduct research in the field of atmospheric, ionospheric, or magnetospheric physics. Candidates with backgrounds in either instrumentation or modeling are welcome. The candidate will initially support the research efforts of one of the group's incoherent scatter radar facilities. The candidate will be expected to publish results and present at appropriate conferences.

Desired areas of expertise include:
Ionospheric physics

*    PhD in Electrical Engineering or Physics.
*    Published research in ionospheric physics.
*    Experience with software development in Python, C, and/or C++ and algorithm implementations in MATLAB is highly desired. Experience with Unix/Linux operating systems is of additional benefit.
*    Ability to publish results and present findings at appropriate conferences

Apply online at www.sri.com/careers
Job ID: 1231BR
SRI is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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