CEDAR email: Fall AGU Session: "Advances in low-latitude aeronomy from space- and ground-based observations”

Scott England england at ssl.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 5 11:36:25 MDT 2016

We invite you to submit to our Fall AGU session, "Advances in low-latitude aeronomy from space- and ground-based observations”, the details or which are below.  The AGU abstract submission deadline is August 3rd.

Session ID: 12538 
Session Title: SA001. Advances in low-latitude aeronomy from space- and ground-based observations 
Section/Focus Group: SPA-Aeronomy

This session will address the current and future state of aeronomy observations in the low latitudes.  Presentations will include new measurements of the low-latitude thermosphere and ionosphere from existing and planned space and ground observatories, including from the upcoming GOLD, ICON and COSMIC-2 missions scheduled for launch in 2017.  Modeling and data analysis studies focused on this region are also welcome. Possible topics include, but are not restricted to: waves, low-latitude storm effects; plasma bubbles; background ionospheric and neutral conditions (including electron and ion densities and temperatures, neutral temperature composition and winds). The aim of the session is to describe our present knowledge of the region, both observationally and through models and to describe new methodologies that will help us improve our understanding of low latitude aeronomical processes.

Scott England
Alan Burns
Jonathan Makela
Carlos Martinis
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