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Open Position: Research Associate, GeoSpace

Job Description
The Center for Geospace Studies research involves scientific instrumentation including incoherent scatter radar, satellite, optical and radio wave instruments. The Center conducts basic physics research in the ionosphere/magnetosphere, middle atmosphere/lower thermosphere, and stratosphere/troposphere.

The ideal candidate must:
1) be well-versed in radar remote sensing techniques (hardware and software) to probe the ionosphere including HF, VHF and UHF systems.
2) have a background in the incoherent scatter radar theory and experimental techniques.
3) have a background in geospace sciences (studies of ionosphere, thermosphere, magnetosphere regions)

The candidate should:
1) understand the mid-latitude geospace dynamics
2) understand the basic working of optical instrumentations used for studying the ionosphere

The candidate will be responsible for conducting research using the instruments at Arecibo and other ISRs around the world. The specific functions include but are not limited to:

1) Develop new and improve existing observing modes for the Arecibo ISR
2) Work with the PI's of other SRI operated ISRs to develop science priorities and direction based on community inputs such as CEDAR Strategic Plan 2011 and the Decadal Survey.
3) Evaluate and improve hardware and software infrastructure for the Arecibo ISR to meet with research needs
4) Regularly interact with the SRI research staff in Menlo Park on geospace research questions and priorities
5) Attend scientific conferences and publish results in peer-reviewed scientific journals
6) Participate in academic outreach activities undertaken at the Observatory and by SRI

-PhD in Space Physics, Electrical Engineering, or other related discipline.
-Graduate and/or postdoctoral experience in radar sciences, ISR related research preferable.

Apply online at www.sri.com/careers
Job ID: 1232BR
SRI is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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