CEDAR email: Sunanda Basu temporarily back as NSF Aeronomy Program Director

Basu, Sunanda SBASU at nsf.gov
Mon Jun 22 08:55:35 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Most of you know by now that last week I accepted the position of Program Director of Aeronomy at NSF on a temporary basis. I have received many congratulatory notes from you, with several saying that you expect to see me at the CEDAR Workshop in Seattle. I thank you sincerely, and feel that it is a privilege to serve our community once again. Unfortunately, the demands of my new position will not allow me to travel to CEDAR this year.  In particular, the dread June 30 deadline is around the corner. That is the date by which we are to "spend-out" our Program funds-wisely, of course! I have a steep learning curve ahead of me as proposal processing has been completely revamped during the decade I was away from NSF. Anne-Marie Schmoltner, the previous Program Director, who is extremely knowledgeable, has been kind enough to teach me the ropes, even though she has already moved to her new position in the NSF Chemistry Division. I greatly appreciate her help and feel it is my duty to stay back at NSF and come up to speed on my new/old duties by July 17, when all the 2015 CEDAR proposals arrive.
I wish you a very fruitful meeting at the impressive U. of Washington campus, where I had the pleasure of being present at last year's CEDAR Workshop.

Sunanda Basu, Ph.D.
Program Director, Aeronomy
4201 Wilson Blvd, Ste 775
Arlington, VA 22230
e-mail   sbasu at nsf.gov<mailto:sbasu at nsf.gov>
Phone   703-292-4703

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