CEDAR email: RF Ionospheric Interactions Workshop at Arecibo, PR 27-30 April

Michael Sulzer msulzer at naic.edu
Fri Mar 7 14:17:23 MST 2014

RF Ionospheric Interactions Workshop at Arecibo, PR 27-30 April

The 20th annual RF Ionospheric Interactions Workshop will be held at the Arecibo Observatory and the Punta Maracayo Hotel in Puerto Rico, 27-30 April 2014 (Sunday to Wednesday).  The focus of the workshop is on the interaction of high-power RF waves from ground-based transmitters with the ionospheric plasma and resultant phenomena such as generation of ELF/VLF waves, ionospheric irregularities, and optical emissions. The preliminary workshop Program, general information, links for hotel reservations, registration, and student information will be available from the workshop website:

In addition to invited papers and a poster paper session, the workshop concludes with an open discussion of recent collaborative experiments and the planning of future collaborative experiments including the first HF campaign using the new Arecibo facility.  All attendees are encouraged to participate in these discussions. 
Workshop participants are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to publish their papers in a special issue of Earth, Moon, and Planets. Details for submission will be available at the workshop.

The sessions at the Observatory will be held at the Angel Ramos Visitors Center:

Sunday:  Student tutorial session: VC Learning Center

Monday:  All sessions, VC auditorium

Tuesday:  All sessions, VC auditorium


Wednesday:  The Wednesday morning session will be held at the Punta Maracayo Hotel in La Brasa Restaurant, and will follow a buffet breakfast in the same location.

The workshop will end at noon on Wednesday, April 30.

 For further information on this workshop please contact Mike Sulzer (msulzer at naic.edu).
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