CEDAR email: AGU session 2085: "Vertical Wave Coupling Into the Ionosphere/Thermosphere/Mesosphere System"

Jens Oberheide joberhe at clemson.edu
Mon Jun 30 10:58:00 MDT 2014

This email is to announce a session at the 2014 Fall AGU. Please consider submitting an abstract. The deadline is Aug 6, 2014.

-Jens Oberheide
Session ID#: 2085 (SPA-Aeronomy)

Session Title: Vertical Wave Coupling Into the Ionosphere/Thermosphere/Mesosphere System
Session Description:

It is by now without dispute that the ionosphere/thermosphere/mesosphere (ITM) system owes much of its longitudinal, local time, seasonal-latitudinal, and day-to-day variability to atmospheric waves generated by meteorological events in the troposphere and stratosphere. The relevant coupling processes operating within the neutral atmosphere, and the neutral atmosphere and ionosphere, involve a host of multi-scale dynamics that are not understood at present. This session focuses on how the solar-terrestrial energy flow via tides, gravity waves and planetary waves drives variations in ITM structure, dynamics and electrodynamics. Observational, modeling and theoretical contributions are sought that emphasize vertical wave coupling in the neutral atmosphere, and ionospheric coupling through dynamo processes and plasma bubble seeding.
Index Terms:

0358 Thermosphere: energy deposition [ATMOSPHERIC COMPOSITION AND STRUCTURE] 
2427 Ionosphere/atmosphere interactions [IONOSPHERE] 
3369 Thermospheric dynamics [ATMOSPHERIC PROCESSES] 
3389 Tides and planetary waves [ATMOSPHERIC PROCESSES]

Primary Convener:  Jens Oberheide, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, United States
Co-conveners:  Ruth Segal Lieberman, GATS-Inc., Boulder, CO, United States and Sharon Vadas, NorthWest Research Associates, Boulder, CO, United States 

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