CEDAR email: AGU session 2216: The Bottomside Equatorial Ionosphere: Dynamics and Impacts

David Hysell david.hysell at cornell.edu
Sat Jun 28 07:04:18 MDT 2014

This message is to call your attention to a session at the 2014 Fall AGU (San Francisco, 15-19 December).  Please consider submitting an abstract.

The abstract submission deadline is Aug 6, 2014.

Session ID: 2216
Session Title: The Bottomside Equatorial Ionosphere: Dynamics and Impacts

The bottomside of the equatorial ionosphere is a dynamic region where  long-range HF propagation is enabled and where instabilities responsible for large-scale disturbances form.  Previous missions such as the C/NOFS satellite produced a wealth of information on equatorial phenomena near and above the peak of the F layer but had limited exposure to the bottomside. The widespread deployment of HF sounders and beacons now underway in the equatorial zone will provide critical information about the bottomside region, but optimal methods for utilizing the information for irregularity studies remain to be formulated. This session focuses on the link between instability development and RF propagation in the bottomside of the equatorial ionosphere, especially the use of HF techniques for detection and diagnosis of instability precursors, triggers, growth, and development, as well as the impact of dynamic processes in the bottomside on RF propagation.


David Hysell, david.hysell at cornell.edu
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