[Wrf-users] ERROR: Cld not find LEVEL above ground.

Simone Marras simone.marras at bsc.es
Tue Mar 27 05:48:59 MDT 2007

Good  morning, after solving the stupid mistake of not matching DX I am now 
obtasining this new error from running > ./real.exe by using the met_em* 
files generated by WPS.

 FATAL CALLED FROM FILE:  module_initialize_real.b  LINE:    3348
 Could not find level above ground

The namelist.input and namelist.wps have the same parameters, and they all 
coincide with the values in any of the met_em* files (opened with ncdumb -)

What type of error is it?

Thank you very much,


Simone Marras

Simone Marras, Ph.D. Student
BSC & Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Jordi Jirona 29
08034 Barcelona

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