[Tgcmgroup] Having a little trouble compiling

Lorenzo Luengo C. lluengo at dgeo.udec.cl
Thu Jan 13 21:44:53 MST 2011

Hi everyone

Today i tried to compile the model in a VM running Ubuntu, using gfortran.

After installing some required libraries (mpich2, netcdf, zlib), and 
tweaking some compiler flags, it compiles, but it's not linking.

The error is an undefined reference to functions named system_ and 
unlink_ (notice the underscores). I couldn't find a suitable library 
providing this functions, I tried using libf2c, but it did not work.

Any advice on how to filfull this requirement?


Lorenzo Luengo Contreras
Ingeniero Civil Electrónico
Laboratorio MIDGEO (LF-106)
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
Universidad de Concepción
Concepción - Chile

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