[Tgcmgroup] $TGCMDATA at hao

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Wed Aug 20 22:53:52 MDT 2008


The $TGCMDATA directory at hao is /toshi/ftp/pub/tgcm/data.
Because the /toshi/ftp/pub disk is currently down, I have 
copied $TGCMDATA files from the supers (/hao/tgcm/data) to
/aim/d/tgcm/data. If you need to run tgcm models on hao linux
systems, or otherwise need to read files normally on $TGCMDATA, 
you can set $TGCMDATA to /aim/d/tgcm/data.

This does not include diagnostics, plots and animations, and
other stuff mostly related to tiegcm1.9 development that were 
posted under /toshi/ftp/pub/tgcm. This means some of the links 
from the tgcm wiki will be broken until (and if) this data is 
recovered from the ftppub disk.


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