[Tgcmgroup] tgcmproc_f90

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Thu Apr 1 22:04:40 MST 2004


I have updated tgcmproc_f90 with a fix to the lower boundary
of T, U and V. This affects the bottom 2 zp levels of these
fields. There are also several other minor changes. The new
version is 1.4 (previous version was 1.3).

Executables and source files are on the mss in /TGCM/tgcmproc.

Executables are also available for interactive use on the scd 
file server:
  /fs/projects/tgcm/bin.AIX/tgcmproc_f90    (IBM)
  /fs/projects/tgcm/bin.IRIX64/tgcmproc_f90 (SGI)

To access the file server executables, put the following in 
your .cshrc files on dataproc, dave, blackforest and bluesky:

setenv TGCM_ROOT /fs/projects/tgcm
set path = ( $path $TGCM_ROOT/bin.`uname -s` )

Previous versions are also available in the above directories.

For sample input files and job scripts, please see 


Ben Foster		      	High Altitude Observatory (HAO)
foster at ucar.edu			phone: 303-497-1595  fax: 303-497-1589  
Nat. Center for Atmos. Res.     P.O. Box 3000 Boulder CO 80307 USA

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