[Stoch] New paper on stochastic ocean-atmosphere coupling

Juricke, Stephan S.Juricke at jacobs-university.de
Tue Nov 26 08:21:38 MST 2019

Dear all,

An new paper with the title "Flow‐dependent stochastic coupling for climate models with high ocean‐to‐atmosphere resolution ratio” just got published in QJRMS.

Short summary: "In a coupled climate model with an ocean-to-atmosphere grid point ratio of up to 60:1, a novel stochastic coupling is introduced that reduces tropical precipitation biases by up to 50% and considerably improves ENSO phase locking. Most coupled climate models are more highly resolved in the sea-ice and ocean model component compared to their atmospheric model component, thereby explicitly simulating the atmospheric subgrid-scale. Instead of the typically used averaging, which smoothes fine-scale structures and reduces spatial variability, we sample the locally simulated distribution in order to upscale ocean fields (e.g. SST) to the coarser atmospheric grid.”


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