[Stoch] Seminar & Workshop: Climate Fluctuations and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: an Interdisciplinary Dialogue

John Marston john_marston at brown.edu
Thu Jan 5 08:48:25 MST 2017

This summer there will be a month-long seminar, and an associated week-long workshop, on "Climate Fluctuations and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: an Interdisciplinary Dialogue" at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden, Germany.   The seminar runs from July 10 to August 4, and the intensive workshop will be from July 17 to 21.  Details can be found below, or by going to URL 


Theme: Fluctuations have long been a focus of statistical mechanics, while climate and weather fluctuations are an essential part of the climate system. This seminar brings together researchers from the statistical mechanics and climate science communities to explore connections between the two fields and develop new multidisciplinary research directions.


Nonequilibrium steady states
Probability currents 
Stochastic models
Entropy production
Natural and forced climate variability
Extreme events
Stochastic parameterization
Climate oscillations (El-Niño, Madden- Julien Oscillation, etc.)
Ensemble simulations 
Statistical closures 

Invited speakers:

Judith Berner (US) 
Eberhard Bodenschatz (DE) 
Freddy Bouchet (FR) 
Sergio Ciliberto (FR)
Baylor Fox-Kemper (US) 
Petra Friederichs (DE) 
Rosemary J. Harris (UK) 
Christopher Jarzynski (US) 
Holger Kantz (DE)
Valerio Lucarini (UK)
Satya Majumdar (FR) 
Jochem Marotzke (DE)
Tim Palmer (UK)
Cecile Penland (US)
Inna Polichtchouk (UK) 
Stefan Rahmstorf (DE)
Udo Seifert (DE)
Paul Williams (UK)
Laure Zanna (UK) 

Coordinators: Joachim Krug, Brad Marston, Jeff Weiss and Royce Zia

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