[Stoch] Alpine Summer School 2014 - Dynamics, Stochastics and Predictability of the Climate System

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Dear all,

This summer school on Dynamics, Stochastics and Predictability of the 
Climate System might be of interest to your students and post-docs. 
Details are below and in the attached poster.

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Alpine Summer School 2014 - Course XXII

"Dynamics, Stochastics and Predictability of the Climate System"

The course will be held in Valsavarenche, Valle d'Aosta (Italy), in the
period 9-18 June, 2014.

Further details are at the website:


Please note that the application deadline is May 4th.

Henk A. Dijkstra (Utrecht Univ., The Netherlands)
Michael Ghil (ENS, France)
Denis-Didier Rousseau (LMD, France)

Presentation of the Course:

Nonlinear processes affect the behavior of most phenomena in the
geosciences. The climate system, in particular, is an example of a
nonlinear system in which interactions between many different processes
take place on a multitude of temporal and spatial scales. These
nonlinear interactions lead to strong internal variability, due to the
existence of substantial instabilities and feedbacks, both positive and
negative. The resulting, highly complex intrinsic variability interacts
in turn with the time-dependent variations in the forcing and leads to
the rich and intriguing behavior that is documented in the instrumental
data and proxy records.

The theory of nonlinear, stochastic-dynamical systems provides a
systematic methodology, as well as a synthesizing framework to
understand the behavior of complex systems. Over the last decades, the
application of this theory to climate variability has provided many new
insights into mechanisms of internal variability. In addition, many of
the concepts are used now in nonlinear methods of data analysis,
stochastic parameterizations, data assimilation techniques and
predictability studies.

This summer school aims to provide young researchers - in particular
Ph.D. students - with an exciting survey of recent developments on the
applications of ideas and techniques of nonlinear stochastic dynamics to
understand the complex behavior of global climate variability. The
material presented will provide the basic background for the methodology
and an overview of the state-of-the-art of its applications to climate
variability. Lectures will be given in the morning and late in the
afternoon. Students will work on specific, computational projects, each
of which will be guided by one of the lecturers.

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