[pyngl-talk] Problems with plotting in Jupyter notebook cells - partial solution

Stéphane Sénési senesi at posteo.net
Sat Nov 30 06:28:02 MST 2019

Hi all

I am a newcomer to pyngl-talk (and PyNGL) but I read the July 2019 
thread on that subject (PyNGL in Jupyter notebooks).  [However, I was 
not able to fit the present message i the thread ]

I am in the case of Mark England, namely getting error messages such as 
"/Only one instance of ErrorClass is//supported" /when trying to rerun 
some code cells producing graphics.

What I discovered is that :

 1. avoiding the call to Ngl.end() seems enough to avoid the problem
 2. for the case of a png type workstation, there is no need to call
    delete_wks() in order to get a well-closed png file; calling frame()
    is enough (and necessary); this is compatible with the description
    of delete_wks, which should be used to cope with th elimit in the
    numbers of opened workstation.
 3. for the case of an x11 workstation, the example provided by Karin is
    not working; at the best, a small par of one latitude circle is
    drawn (after a draw() and a frame() - a delete_wks() just closes the
    x11 window)

By the way, I have a more general question : where can I find a 
description of what is not available in pyNGL (w.r.t. full Ncl) ?

Thanks if you can help on bullet 3 and last question



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