[pyngl-talk] PyNGL and xarray

Mateus da Silva Teixeira mateusstex at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 07:14:00 MDT 2019


I'm beginning to use Python since the news about NCL is being placed in
maintenance mode, and since it was said that PyNIO will also be placed in
maintenance mode, I'm using other libraries to open data files and PyNGL
for graphics.

Reading about Ngl.contour_map(), I found that it expects a numpy array with
data to plot and coordinates information are given to sfXArray and sfYArray

Is there a plan to use xarray.DataArray as a data model for PyNGL? It has
large similarities with NCL's variable model, which is borrowed from netCDF

I'm asking it because it seems more natural to use xarray, which contains
all metadata for a variable, than use a numpy array.

Thanks and excuse me if it's a already defined topic in future development
of PyNGL.

Best regards,

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