[pyngl-talk] successful use of tmXBMinorValues in PyNGL?

Jared Lee jaredlee at ucar.edu
Mon Jun 10 18:07:05 MDT 2019

Hi all,

Has anyone had a successful implementation of the attribute tmXBMinorValues
(with tmXBMode='Explicit' and tmXBMinorOn=True) while using PyNGL? This is
my first major analysis/plotting script in Python after making the switch
from NCL, and so far setting the tmXBMinorValues resource is having
absolutely no effect on my X-Y plots. I need to get this to work, as I'm
trying to plot time series covering more than a year of data (4x daily), so
I quickly exhaust the limit of major tick marks that can be displayed with
tmXBMode='Explicit' and tmXBValues providing the full array of values on
the x-axis.


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