[pyngl-talk] Skew T

Mateus da Silva Teixeira mateusstex at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 14:29:04 MDT 2019

Dear users,

I've plotted a skewT log p chart and noted a strange behaviour of resource
It seems only work and it`s used along with the resource *sktHeightScaleOn*.

*import Nglag = Ngl.open_wks( 'pdf', 'skewT' )cfg =
Ngl.Resources()cfg.sktHeightScaleOn = Truecfg.sktTemperatureUnits =
'celsius'  # only works with above linebkg = Ngl.skewt_bkg( ag, cfg
)Ngl.draw( bkg ) # deve ser desenhandosNgl.end()*

Is that correct?

I'm using Python 3.6.7 and PyNGL 1.6.1.

Best regards,

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