[pyngl-talk] PyNio and PyNgl import problems

Fan, Xingang xingang.fan at wku.edu
Fri Jan 18 15:42:11 MST 2019

Hi, Kevin:

Thank you so much! I will test that and let you know the result.


From: Kevin Hallock <hallock at ucar.edu>
Date: Friday, January 18, 2019 at 3:59 PM
To: Xingang Fan <xingang.fan at wku.edu>
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Subject: Re: PyNio and PyNgl import problems

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Hi Xingang,

I’m CC’ing pyngl-talk in case anyone else encounters this issue too.

There is currently a conflict between certain conda packages due to the conda-forge project migrating to a new compiler. (for more info, see: https://github.com/conda-forge/pynio-feedstock/issues/58)

A temporary workaround is to use “-c conda-forge/label/cf201901” in place of “-c conda-forge” in your conda commands to force the installation of older (pre-compiler-migration) packages.

Please try the following command and let me know if that works for you:
conda create -n metuse -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 python=2.7 spyder jupyter basemap netcdf4 pynio pyngl pygrib metpy wrf-python xarray Django scikit-learn statsmodels

I hope this helps,

On Jan 18, 2019, at 9:21 AM, Fan, Xingang <xingang.fan at wku.edu<mailto:xingang.fan at wku.edu>> wrote:

One problem solved: On Mac, as someone suggested (I forgot who), the installation of XQuartz (and its related X11 libs) solved the Mac OS Ngl import issue.

But for Nio on Ubuntu, I tried a few options and it still don’t work. Options tried include install libgal package, use different versions of pynio.


From: Xingang Fan <xingang.fan at wku.edu<mailto:xingang.fan at wku.edu>>
Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 11:16 PM
To: Kevin Hallock <hallock at ucar.edu<mailto:hallock at ucar.edu>>
Subject: PyNio and PyNgl import problems

Hi, Kevin:

I am again in a process of preparing for a class to use Nio and Ngl. We have two types of computers, Mac OS 10.12 or higher, and Ubuntu 18.04 (itself or as a Virtual Machines on Windows):
After the following installation on both systems:
conda create -n metuse -c conda-forge python=2.7 spyder jupyter basemap netcdf4 pynio pyngl pygrib metpy wrf-python xarray Django scikit-learn statsmodels

On Mac, Nio imports ok, but Ngl complains about a libX11.6.so
On Ubuntu, Ngl imports ok, but Nio complains about libgal

Do you have a working version or a different channel that have a working version of these two?

Xingang Fan

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