[pyngl-talk] Replacement for gsnXYFillColors+transparency in PyNGL

Stéphane Sénési senesi at posteo.net
Wed Dec 18 07:23:14 MST 2019


Using Ncl, you can use gsnXYFillColors together with colors defined by a 
quadruplet (RGB+transparency) for creating graphs where an enveloppe 
between two curves can be lighlty shaded, and superimposed on another 

This is e.g. useful when showing time evolution of a climate variable, 
and its confidence interval, under two forcing scenarios

I have not been able to figure out from PyNGL doc how to do that : If 
ressource nglXYFillColors 
<http://www.pyngl.ucar.edu/Resources/ngl.shtml#nglXYFillColors> allow to 
fill the area between two curves, it only allows for named colors or 
color indices, and not color quadruplet such as with gsnXYFillColors; 
and PyNGL explanations about named colors and color indices make no 
mention of opacity tuning

Any help would be welcome


Stéphane Sénési
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