[pyngl-talk] ask for the data

Kevin Hallock hallock at ucar.edu
Mon Sep 24 11:56:45 MDT 2018


You can download the file “b.e12.B1850C5CN.ne30_g16.init.ch.027.cam.h0.0001-01.nc” using the following link: https://www.pyngl.ucar.edu/Training/AMS2016/Data/b.e12.B1850C5CN.ne30_g16.init.ch.027.cam.h0.0001-01.nc <https://www.pyngl.ucar.edu/Training/AMS2016/Data/b.e12.B1850C5CN.ne30_g16.init.ch.027.cam.h0.0001-01.nc>

Please let me know if that does not work.


> On Sep 24, 2018, at 9:04 AM, CGC via pyngl-talk <pyngl-talk at ucar.edu> wrote:
> hello	
> 	I'am a student who is learning about the Pynio and Pyngl. when I push to the "camse1.py",I don't have the CAM-SE data which is named 'b.e12.B1850C5CN.ne30_g16.init.ch.027.cam.h0.0001-01.nc' , so may i ask one of this data from your? Please.
> Thank you anyway!
> Good night.
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