[pyngl-talk] labelbar strings with contour

Fearon, Dr. Matthew, Contractor, Code 7533 matthew.fearon.ctr at nrlmry.navy.mil
Wed May 9 14:51:21 MDT 2018

Dear PyNGL Users:

Trying to contour with ExplicitLevels and alter labelbar strings. Here's my resource settings below with the image attached (see label bar). I am not getting the labelbar strings I was hoping for (ie, levels). I have tried having the following variable "levels" be a list or numpy array. Results remain the same. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

    sres.cnFillMode            = "RasterFill"
    sres.cnLevelSelectionMode  = "ExplicitLevels"
    levels                     = np.asarray([2,4,7.5,14,27,53,103,200,386,745,1439,2779,5365,10359,20000])
    sres.cnLevels              = levels

    sres.lbAutoManage          = False
    sres.lbLabelStride         = 2
    sres.pmLabelBarWidthF      = 0.018
    sres.lbLabelFontHeightF    = 0.009
    sres.pmLabelBarOrthogonalPosF = 0.002
    sres.lbLabelStrings        = levels
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