[pyngl-talk] Python Tools and NCL User Survey

Mary Haley haley at ucar.edu
Wed May 2 14:52:22 MDT 2018

Hello everyone,

This email is going out to all of you individually, but I also wanted to
post it directly on pyngl-talk as this is very important to NCAR and
the NCL developers
in particular.

I apologize in advance, because you may get multiple emails from me. I will
be cross-posting to other email lists.

NCAR is conducting a survey of some of the software packages that it
develops and supports---NCL, PyNGL, PyNIO, and wrf-python---along with
other related software used in the Earth Sciences.

If you have already taken the survey you can ignore this email.

Your participation in the survey is very important to the future of this
software and will be used to help us more closely align development
priorities with the requirements of the Earth Sciences community.

This survey is mainly geared towards NCL users, with a secondary focus on
Python. If you are not an NCL user but are using Python or related software
to facilitate your research, your input is still valuable to us. Non NCL users
will be redirected to different sections in the survey and given a chance
to comment on Python and other software.

A summary of the survey results and an updated software roadmap will be
presented to NCAR upper management and advisory boards, and will be made
publicly available on the NCL website (www.ncl.ucar.edu). The actual survey
answers will not be made public.

To take this survey, please use the following link:


If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, feel free to email

Thank you for your time!

--Mary Haley
  NCL Project Lead
  haley at ucar.edu
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