[pyngl-talk] Fill color between 2 lines with Ngl.xy

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Just a follow-up. I have learned that fill color between 2 adjacent lines with Ngl.xy works nicely for an exclusive xy plot. However, it does not work as an overlay to a contour plot when sfXArray/sfYArray or sfYCStart/End/ and sfXCStart/End are used in the original contour plot.  Individual xy lines with Ngl.xy can be overlain on a contour plot with no trouble, but fill color between them does not work.

Any help on this subject would be great.

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Hi, PyNGL Users,

I'm trying to indicate the terrain profile on the attached cross section plot. I am able overlay an xy line (black, terrain top) and another xy line (red, ground surface), but am unable to fill color between these two lines. All the combinations I have tried are not working. Below is my Ngl.xy code for the overlay. Any help is greatly appreciated.


xvar[100] is a np array of the xvalues
pter[2,100] is a np array of the yvalues

    xyres                        = Ngl.Resources()
    xyres.nglFrame               = False
    xyres.nglDraw                = False
    xyres.xyLineColors           = ["black","red"]
    xyres.xyLineThicknesses      = [8,8]
    xyres.nglXYFillColors        = ["red","red"]
    xyres.nglXYBelowFillColors   = ["red","red"]
    xyres.nglXYAboveFillColors   = ["red","red"]

    xyline = Ngl.xy(wks,xvar,pter,xyres)

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