[pyngl-talk] Updates for using Pyngl

Xiaoni Wang xiaoni.wang at obspm.fr
Mon Oct 24 09:52:34 MDT 2016

Dear Sir or Madam,
      Sorry to write to you several emails !  I would like to update the news and questions since I have wrote to you.  I solved the installation problem of Pyngl and Pynio. I can import them without problem.

     Now I tried to run a python code to plot data on ISCCP grids. As I mentioned to you in my previous email, I have data such as:
      ISCCP latitude : lat_isccp, 1D, (256915,) 
      ISCCP longitude: lon_isccp, (1D, (256915,)) 
      data: emis, (1D , (256915,))  
      I also have the horizontal width for each grid (in km).

     I would like to make 2D plot on ISCCP grids. When I launched my program, it has fatal errors:
        fatal:ContourPlotDraw: Workspace reallocation would exceed maximum size 100000000
     After reading the FAQ, I added the following lines in my codes:
	ws_id = Ngl.get_workspace_id()
        resources = Ngl.Resources() 
        resources.wsMaximumSize = 33554432 

    But then I got another error: 
       fatal:["Error.c":406]:ErrorInitialize:Only one instance of ErrorClass is supported.

    I do not understand….. I will look again at your tutorial to get more information. The attached is the code that I used. Thank you in advance if you could give some clue.

Best regards



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