[pyngl-talk] Anaconda packages for NCL and PyNGL available for testing

Kevin Hallock hallock at ucar.edu
Tue Mar 8 14:45:58 MST 2016

The NCL team is pleased to announce that Anaconda packages of NCL and PyNGL for Linux and Mac OS X (64-bit only for both platforms) are now available for testing, and we would like to enlist the help of end users to test the installation process using Anaconda. See the following link for more information about Anaconda: https://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/index <https://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/index>

(Please note that we are unable to support 32-bit Linux, 32-bit Mac OS X, or Windows at this time.)

We began using Anaconda as a distribution channel for PyNIO last year, and have recently begun the process of adding NCL and PyNGL packages to Anaconda as well. These NCL and PyNGL packages have been tested internally and are ready for more widespread testing.

We would like to reiterate that these packages contain development snapshots of NCL and PyNGL that may still have pending bug fixes prior to the next official release. As such, we recommend that these packages should not be used for production or publication. Also, any potential beta testers should:

a) be comfortable configuring a Unix shell environment
b) be prepared to potentially help debug NCL/PyNGL errors that may occur at runtime
c) have a basic working knowledge of Anaconda or other package managers (optional, but recommended)

However, any user is welcome to participate if they are interested.

Please send an email to hallock at ucar.edu <mailto:hallock at ucar.edu?subject=NCL/PyNGL%20Anaconda%20test> with the subject “NCL/PyNGL Anaconda test” if you are interested in participating in this test.
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