[pyngl-talk] Help with PyNIO installation

Kevin Hallock hallock at ucar.edu
Thu Dec 15 12:14:35 MST 2016

Hi Xingang,

> (I) At Conda root, I ran:
>     conda create -n metuse -c conda-forge pynio pyngl
>     source activate met use
> (II) From root, I created a new environment condaX by:
>      Conda create –n condaX python=2.7 anaconda
>      Source activate condaX
>      Conda install netcdf4
>      Conda install basemap
>      Conda update --all
> (III) Based on the working condoX environment, I tried to clone it, then wanted to install pyNGL etc., 
>      The cloned environment has same results from conda list, 
>      Running python, it imports matplotlib and basemap okay,
>      But, somehow, spyder won't start, it shows the following message:

Instead of creating these two separate environments and then trying to combine them, could you please try creating a single environment using the following command:
conda create -n pyn_testing -c conda-forge python=2.7 pynio pyngl netcdf4 basemap spyder
source activate pyn_testing

Even though both of the environments work before combining them, I would expect them to fail due to incompatible versions of packages. For example, in your “metuse” environment you should have libnetcdf from conda-forge installed as a dependency of pynio; in your “condaX” environment, you’ll have libnetcdf 4.4.1 from the default channel installed as a dependency of netcdf4. This is just one example of the incompatibilities that can happen when installing from multiple channels. Again, it is important to use “-c conda-forge” on any “conda create …”/“conda install …”/“conda update …” commands you may run for the environment you’re trying to create.

Also, I noticed that you chose to install the anaconda package when creating the condaX environment (in step II above). Installing the “anaconda” package is almost guaranteed to make your environment incompatible with most packages from the conda-forge channel (including pynio and pyngl), as described in the previous paragraph. Is there a particular package included in “anaconda” that you need? I would try to list specific packages instead of “anaconda”, and I would try to install them from the conda-forge channel (“-c conda-forge”) if possible.

I hope this helps!

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