[pyngl-talk] interpolation/extrapolation with pyngl

Daijiro Kobashi d.kobashi at tamu.edu
Thu Mar 12 01:38:35 MDT 2015

Dear all,

I am looking for a function in pyngl which does interpolation and
extrapolation (in 2D grids (lon,lat)).
I am wondering if pyngl has interpolation/extrapolation functions available
to NCL such as poisson_grid_fill.
Looks like pyngl has vinth2p and natgrid. Does either of them do

Thanks in advance.


Daijiro (DJ) Kobashi
Texas A&M Univ.

Daijiro(DJ) Kobashi, Ph.D.
Department of Oceanography
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843
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