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Are u aware of netCDF4 Python from Jeff Whitaker?


On Monday, June 15, 2015, Tom Roche <Tom_Roche at pobox.com> wrote:

> For those who haven't heard already, xray[1] appears to be a "pythonic
> rewrite" (my characterization) of netCDF, both API and datastructures. Not
> sure how this relates/competes with the PyNIO/netCDF stack, but I have
> asked in the comments to this interesting blogpost[2] on xray+dask[3]. I'd
> like to know:
> 1. Suppose a team is starting to work on netCDF-based earth-science data
> and planning to develop as much as possible in Python. Why should they base
> their code on PyNIO vs xray? What does PyNIO do better than xray?
> 2. xray seems to be targeting pandas[4] integration, which seems
> compelling to me as someone seeking to migrate from a {bash, NCL, Python,
> R} stack to more/all-python. So (apologies for the corporate-speak) I'd
> like to know "what is NCAR's story" WRT PyNIO/pandas integration?
> 3. IIUC (but ICBW, please correct where wrong) a major reason to choose R
> over Python/pandas for work on netCDF-based data is that pandas operations
> on dataframes (at least currently) don't conserve netCDF metadata the way R
> operations on dataframes do. (If I'm missing something, please lemme know.)
> If so, I'd appreciate knowing more about any plans "the netCDF folks" have
> for improving/extending pandas to solve this problem.
> Apologies if
> * I've lumped too much in one thread
> * I've asked questions here that should better be asked elsewhere. If so,
> please point me to the more appropriate channel.
> TIA, Tom Roche <Tom_Roche at pobox.com <javascript:;>>
> [1]: http://xray.readthedocs.org/en/stable/
> [2]:
> http://eng.climate.com/2015/06/11/xray-dask-out-of-core-labeled-arrays-in-python/
> [3]: http://dask.pydata.org/en/latest/
> [4]: http://pandas.pydata.org/
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