[Narccap-announce] New results pages on website

Seth McGinnis mcginnis at ucar.edu
Fri Apr 6 17:18:44 MDT 2012

Greetings NARCCAP users!

There are a number of new analyses available on the website.  We have updated
the maps of seasonal climate change to cover all 10 of the published GCM-driven

In addition, we have also created scatterplots of regional climate change
(delta Temp vs delta Precip) comparing the different RCMs and driving GCMs.
 This analysis uses a regionalization of the NARCCAP domain developed by
Melissa Bukovsky.   A full write-up of the Bukovsky Regions, plus maps and mask
files, are also available on the website.

Seasonal Climate Change Maps:

Climate Change Scatter Plots:

Bukovsky Regions: http://www.narccap.ucar.edu/contrib/bukovsky/index.html


--Seth McGinnis

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