[Narccap-announce] NARCCAP Dynamical Downscaling Wiki Launch

Melissa Bukovsky bukovsky at ucar.edu
Fri Dec 16 16:18:02 MST 2011

Greetings NARCCAP Users,

If you are further dynamically downscaling the NARCCAP data or plan to 
do so, you are hereby invited to join our new dynamical downscaling wiki 
and discussion mailing list at:


The goal of this wiki is to:
1) to provide/compile a rich source of information for further dynamical 
downscaling (since there's not much out there yet).
2) to share resources to aid in this task (because reinventing the wheel 
is a waste of time).
3) to share issues/problems encountered while trying to complete this 
task, so that we all may learn from each others error messages (you are 
not the only one with problems, and sharing can help).
4) to have Topic Pod Members collaborate by adding content to these 
pages and contributing to the mailing list discussion on anything 
related to further dynamical downscaling (or anything on dynamical 
downscaling, in general, that may be related/of interest).

Full access to wiki content will be granted after you join our mailing 
list: <http://mailman.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/narccap-topic-dynamical>

Hope to see you there!


Melissa Bukovsky
NARCCAP Dynamical Downscaling Topic Pod Captain

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