[Narccap-announce] New Data, October 2011

Seth McGinnis mcginnis at ucar.edu
Sun Oct 30 14:26:54 MDT 2011

Greetings NARCCAP Users,

We have published a number of new datasets on ESG.  The following 
files are now available:

* CRCM cgcm3-current, Table 5:
  all variables, secondary pressure levels

* HRM3 hadcm3-future, Table 5:
  all variables except cli, clw

* MM5I hadcm3, Table 1 and Table 2:
  all variables

* RCM3 ncep, Table 1:
  all variables except sic (1)

* WRFG cgcm3, Table 1:
  all variables

We have also added individual files that were previously missing:

wa_WRFG_ccsm_p*_1991010103.nc  (2) 
rsds_WRFP_ncep_1991010103.nc (3)
ta_WRFG_ncep_p*_1986010103.nc  (4)


(1) RCM3 Table 1 min/max variables are calculated from 3-hourly 
      averages, not internal timesteps.

(2) These files were published previously, but had no data in them.

(3) N.B., this file is from the WRF*P* simulation, not WRFG

(4) These files were missing a month of data that has now been filled in.



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