[Narccap-announce] New Data

Seth McGinnis mcginnis at ucar.edu
Tue May 31 16:44:07 MDT 2011

Greetings NARCCAP Users,

We have published a number of new datasets on ESG.  The following 
files are now available:

* CRCM, all runs except ccsm-current, Table 3: 
  all previously-missing variables and files

(Note: the corresponding files for the ccsm-current run have also passed 
QC, but we are encountering difficulties publishing them.  We hope to 
make them available shortly.)

* CRCM ncep, Table 5:
  All variables on primary pressure levels

* ECP2 gfdl-current, Table 2: 
  pr & tas

* HRM3 hadcm3-current, Table 1: 
  spdmax for 1976-1980

* MM5I ccsm, Tables 2 & 3:
  flux variables: clt evps hfls hfss rlds rlus rlut rsds rsdt rsut

* WRFG ncep, Table 5:
  ua and va

* WRFG cgcm3, Table 2:
  all variables

NOTE: An upcoming ESG update will activate the remaining folder links
on the toplevel NARCCAP catalog page.  Until then, you can reach the
WRFG-cgcm3 and ECP2-gfdl datsets by clicking on the NCEP directory for
that RCM, then clicking the "WRFG model output" or "ECP2 model output"
link at the top of the page and following links down to the dataset of



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