[Met_help] [rt.rap.ucar.edu #72596] History for madis2nc code update

John Halley Gotway via RT met_help at ucar.edu
Mon Aug 17 12:10:22 MDT 2015

  Initial Request


I am following up on the conversation between John Henderson and John Gottway about possibly checking in an updated code for madis2nc with functionality to read and convert ACARS_profiler data.

Please let us know the next steps.



Ayan H. Chaudhuri, PhD.
Staff Scientist
131 Hartwell Ave
Lexington MA 02421
Tel:+1 7817612382


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  Complete Ticket History

Subject: madis2nc code update
From: John Halley Gotway
Time: Mon Jul 13 10:21:06 2015

Hello Ayan,

We're currently working on development for the next release of MET,
5.1.  I spoke with John Henderson at the WAF/NWP conference, and he
informed me that you guys had made some mods to madis2nc to support
additional observation types.  We'd be happy to review the changes,
some tests to our nightly build, and add the changes to the met-5.1

I'll need a copy of the modified source code, a brief description of
changes, and please either send me some sample madis files which
the newly supported observation types, or point me sample files

Thanks for being willing to feed your work back into development!

John Halley Gotway


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