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Dear Barbara,

I send you as an example, a poster with our work presented to *26ª. **Reunión
Científica de Geofísica y Geodesia,**San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, 5 al
9 de noviembre de 2012, AAGG 2012,  http://www.aagg.org.ar/aagg-t.htm. **I
apologize that it is written in Spanish.*

In this work we evaluate the WRF-ARW (Weather Research and Forecasting –
Advanced Research Weather) v3.1.1 (WRF/SHN-SMN), implemented at the
National Meteorological Service of Argentina since February 2010, by
applying MET (Model Evaluation Tool) v3.1.

Here we apply the MET PointStat tool, which presents different methods to
interpolate forecasts to the observation locations. The ability of the
algorithms was investigated and the least squares method LS_FIT was chosen.

The PointStat was applied to compare the WRF-ARW forecasts with the upper
air observations made at Córdoba, Resistencia, Mendoza, Ezeiza, and Santa
Rosa stations for the 2011 spring. The evaluation was applied to
temperature and winds at standard levels.

Scatter plots between observations and forecasts of temperature and winds
at standard levels as well as between observations and the differences
between forecasts and observations, were made for the 12hrs, 36hrs and
60hrs. In addition the frequency distributions of the forecasts errors and
the MAE boxplots were calculated.

To evaluate the differences between ETA operational forecast and WRF-ARW,
the MAE average for the temperature profile was made.

The future plans will include the application of the STAT Analysis to the
PointStat results for seasonal verification of temperature and winds, and
the verification of forecast precipitation with the TRMM data using MODE.


*Best regards,*


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Subject: Results from my research using MET
From: Tressa Fowler
Time: Fri Jan 18 12:46:17 2013

Hi Gisela,

Thank you for sending this. We are always pleased to hear about
applications of our software.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any way in the future.



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