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I think I understand what is going on. I've actually installed v3.0.1,
which is the version available when I downloaded it, but it was replaced
with v3.1 only a week later.

I ended up reading the latest documentation on the web for v3.1 (without
realising I'm running v3.0.1) which suggests v3.1 supports grib2.
Basically I have been trying to put grib2 files through the old version
and I understand that the grib codes are very different. Having checked
the documentation for the two versions, I do wonder why the section
describing grib_ptv is unchanged between the versions?

Anyway, I am now busy downloading the LATEST version and will
install/compile it, and try again.


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Subject: Re: [rt.rap.ucar.edu #55655] Apology for confusion
From: John Halley Gotway
Time: Tue Apr 03 09:32:47 2012


Sorry for the confusion.  GRIB2 is actually *not* supported in
METv3.1.  However, we're almost finished adding support for it, and it
will be included in the METv4.0 release.  If you want to use GRIB2
files as input to MET, you'll first need to convert them to GRIB1.
There are at least a couple of tools that do that conversion, but we
use "cnvgrib" for it.  The command is as simple as:
    cnvgrib -g21 file.grib2 file.grib1

Here's a link to NCEP's website about cnvgrib:

Our main driver for supporting GRIB2 has been the ability of the WRF
PostProcessor (now call Unified-Post) to write GRIB2 output.  That
ability should be coming in the next 12 months or so, and
hopefully we'll have most of the wrinkles in our GRIB2 support ironed
out by then!

Regarding switching to METv3.1, please do ensure that you're using the
latest set of patches which can be found here:


On 04/03/2012 09:06 AM, marion.mittermaier at metoffice.gov.uk via RT
> Anyway, I am now busy downloading the LATEST version and will


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