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Thu Mar 18 11:13:25 MDT 2010

I have been working with John Halley Gotway for support on the use of
MET-Toolkit, but I believe he is out of the office until next week.  I
have come across a question when using the Point_stat tool.


To give you a little context, we want to verify a forecast using data
from 8 different stations (specifically a .txt file of data converted to
netcdf using the ascii2nc tool).  Originally, we left the mask_sid field
empty in the config file.  We expected to receive statistics that
reflected the forecast performance at each of the station locations.
However, the output was only a few lines long and appeared to group
together all of the statistics (from each of the stations) for each of
the variables we requested.  When we realized this, we thought that
utilizing the mask_sid field might allow us to perform verification at
each station location.  We created a .txt file with a space-separated
list of station names (that exactly matched the station names we used in
Column 2 of the station .txt file we used with point_stat).  With the -v
2 option, we saw that there are 0 pairs for each of the station
locations we specified in the .txt file.  Are we missing something?


Thank you for your help!



Jackie Miller


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