[Met_help] MODE and Config file

John Halley Gotway johnhg at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 29 11:21:23 MDT 2010


It looks like you're trying to run the MODE tool by passing it the Grid-Stat configuration file.  The MODE tool and Grid-Stat tools have separate configuration files.  Please take a look at the
example test scripts that are distributed with the MET tarball.

"METv2.0/scripts/test_mode.sh" shows an example of running MODE several times, and "METv2.0/scripts/test_grid_stat.sh" has examples of running Grid-Stat.  The configuration files used by these test
scripts can be found in the METv2.0/scripts/config directory.

There is no single config file for MET.  Most of the MET tools (PB2NC, Point-Stat, Grid-Stat, MODE, Wavelet-Stat, Stat-Analysis) have their own config file.  And you have to be sure to pass the
correct config file to the tool on the command line.

Hope that helps.


Eric Aligo wrote:
> Hi,
> When I use the GridStatCong_default file, I get error messages
> indicating that it wants to see information that is in the WrfMode
> config file.  Every time I add an entry to GridStatConfig I get a new
> error message.  Why is it looking for info from the WrfMod_config file? 
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> The commands I used and error messages are below
> Eric
> pircsds1 [ealigo] /tera5/ealigo/MODE -> /usr/local/METv2.0/src/mode/mode
> d02_12_18_control.nc ST4.2003061012.06h_grid255 GridStatConfig_default
> -outdir /tera5/ealigo/MODE
>  WrfMode_Conf::read(const char *) -> can't get symbol table entry for
> variable "fcst_raw_thresh"

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