[Met_help] MET installation error

Paul Oldenburg pgoldenb at ucar.edu
Thu Apr 29 10:48:46 MDT 2010


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> Fatima, Hashmi
> HCL | Non-US Private Companies
> New Delhi | India | India
> hashmifatima at yahoo.co.in | yes |
> Official | no
> 2010-04-09 03:18:55

As far as the compilation errors that you mentioned, we are not able to see any
error messages in the build log that you sent.  Perhaps it was truncated before
you sent it?  Can you please send a log file with the error messages in it?
That will help us diagnose your problem.



Hashmi Fatima wrote:
> Dear Sir/ Madam
> I am a PhD student at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. I am
> installing MET on my computer which is having RedHat linux as Operating
> system. I am getting a lot of errors. I am attaching Makefile and
> make_met.log with this email. Please have a look at these files and help me
> out.
> Thanks and Regards,
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