[Met_help] Using RT for MET-Help

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Wed Nov 4 09:50:20 MST 2009

John Halley Gotway wrote, On 10/07/2009 12:24 PM:
> Stephen,
> I talked to you a while back about setting up RT to be used in the DTC for handling MET-Help and GSI-Help support questions.  I believe that you were in the process of upgrading RT to a more recent
> version that would include some significant changes.  And we decided to wait until that transition was complete.
> I'm just writing to check in to find out where you are with that?  Has the upgrade been completed?  Are we ready to set up MET-Help and GSI-Help through RT yet?  If not, can you give me an idea of
> when?  We're not in a big rush, but we would like to start using RT in the next month or two.
> Thanks,
> John


I'm probably not going to get the new RT deployed until December,
unless an urgent project i'm working on right now goes more
smoothly than i expect.

I leave it to you to decide if you want to start using it on
the old system before then, since i can manage to setup the
config for that relatively quickly.  I believe i may have
sent you a list of things to be thinking of previously for
the configuration:

   Administrative Contacts
   List of people that can "Own" tickets
   Name for list/Queue.

Let me know, and feel free to keep bugging me.


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