[Met_help] Q2 Mixing Ratio WRF Statistics

Ann L Mazuk Ann.L.Mazuk at aero.org
Tue Nov 3 14:55:04 MST 2009


I'm assuming this is probably a WRF Post Processor question, but I have 
asked the WRF community for help, but have received no reply.  Thus, I 
thought I would try here and see if perhaps someone here can shed some 

I would like to use MET to calculate mixing ratio (Q2/MIXR, grib id 53) 
statistics on my WRF output file.  I am using the WRF Post Processor (WPP) 
to convert WRF output into grib1 format to use with MET.

It appears that WPP will read in the Q2 variable, but the WPP output does 
not contain the Q2 variable.  So, when I run MET, it can't find any 
instances of Q2 in the WRF data to calculate statistics.

Do you have any insight or recommendations on how to calculate WRF Q2 
statistics using MET?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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