[Met_help] Problem with GRID-STAT

Francesco Piani piani at lamma.rete.toscana.it
Thu May 14 06:15:31 MDT 2009

Hi all.
I would like to use MET, in particular GRID-STAT, to compare WRF_NMM at a resolution of 8km with the ECMWF 0.25° model. I use ggrid to extract the domain of interest (Italy) and copygb to regrid WRF_NMM fields over ECMWF grid.

I noted that the two grib files use different parameter tables (in particular kpds5).

14596:100267650:d=07103112:T:kpds5=130:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=1:P1=0:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:anl:NAve=0
14597:100274520:d=07103112:Z:kpds5=129:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=1:P1=0:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:anl:NAve=0
14598:100281390:d=07103112:R:kpds5=157:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=1:P1=0:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:anl:NAve=0
14599:100288260:d=07103112:U:kpds5=131:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=1:P1=0:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:anl:NAve=0
14600:100295130:d=07103112:V:kpds5=132:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=1:P1=0:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:anl:NAve=0

7297:42763434:d=07123100:TMP:kpds5=11:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=0:P1=12:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:12hr fcst:NAve=0
7296:42756296:d=07123100:HGT:kpds5=7:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=0:P1=12:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:12hr fcst:NAve=0
7298:42768502:d=07123100:RH:kpds5=52:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=0:P1=12:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:12hr fcst:NAve=0
7299:42774812:d=07123100:UGRD:kpds5=33:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=0:P1=12:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:12hr fcst:NAve=0
7300:42780708:d=07123100:VGRD:kpds5=34:kpds6=100:kpds7=500:TR=0:P1=12:P2=0:TimeU=1:500 mb:12hr fcst:NAve=0

Running GRID-STAT with a file CONFIG with this indication:

fcst_field[] = [ "11/P850" ];
obs_field[]  = [ "130/P850" ];

I obtain an error like:

***WARNING***: process_scores() -> TMP/P850 not found in GRIB file: 2007_ecm_cut.grb.

I imagine the problem was on the parameter table used by ECMWF. Is there a way to rewrite the GRIB file using the usual table (that defined by WMO)? I tried to use copygb with the option "-k" but with any results.
Any suggestions?

Francesco Piani

Dott. Ing. Francesco Piani
Weather Forecaster
LaMMA Consortium - Hydrological Service Tuscany Region
Via Madonna del Piano 10
Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
piani at lamma.rete.toscana.it
francesco.piani at regione.toscana.it
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